Portrait of Cesar Ceballos

Cesar Ceballos

Coordinator (Austria)

Privatdozent Dr.
Institute of Geometry -- TU Graz
email: cesar.ceballos@tugraz.at
website: http://www.geometrie.tugraz.at/ceballos/

Cesar Ceballos works on algebraic and geometric combinatorics and is an expert on associahedra and their generalizations.

Among his contributions are the study of many construction methods of associahedra, the discovery of the first known geometric realizations of \(\nu\)-Tamari lattices, and the development of the \(s\)-weak order and \(s\)-permutahedra. He discovered the connection between cluster complexes and generalized associahedra to Knutson--Miller's theory of subword complexes, which has motivated substantial work on this field. He also developed connections and applications to cluster algebras and Hopf algebras through the investigation of subword complexes and pipe dreams.