ANR -- FWF Project: PAGCAP

PAGCAP is an ANR -- FWF International Collaborative Research Project between France and Austria running from 2022 to 2026. It lies at the intersection of theoretical computer science and pure mathematics, aiming to solve problems connecting combinatorics, discrete geometry, algebra, free probability, and algorithmics. Learn more about our scientific objectives. Our team includes 8 permanent members from 6 different institutions and will offer opportunities to students and young researchers throughout the project.

Keywords: Combinatorics, discrete geometry, free probability, Tamari lattice, associahedra, permutahedra, pipe dreams, subword complexes, Hopf algebras.

Project ANR-21-CE48-0020


1 PhD and 1 PostDoc position at TU Graz

Location: Graz (Austria)
Institution: TU Graz
Application deadline: Feb 28, 2022
Starting date: October 2022 for PhD, flexible for postodoc
Duration: 3 years (PhD) / 2 years (Postdoc)
Main contact: Cesar Ceballos
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