Portrait of Eva Philippe

Eva Philippe

Associated Member (France)

PhD student
Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu -- Sorbonne Université
email: eva.philippel@imj-prg.fr
website: https://webusers.imj-prg.fr/~eva.philippe/

Eva Philippe is a PhD student under the supervision of Arnau Padrol. She works on combinatorial and geometric aspects of polytopes. She studied projections of permutahedra, called sweep polytopes because they encode permutations obtained by sweeping a point configuration by a hyperplane. She generalized the definition of these polytopes to oriented matroids. She contributed to find a geometric realization of the \(s\)-permutahedra using subdivisions of flow polytopes.

She also contributed, together with her advisors Arnau Padrol and Francisco Santos, to improve the known lower bound on the number of combinatorial types of polytopes.