Weissensee Workshop

Location: Weisensee
Dates: May 14, 2023 to May 18, 2023

We will held our biannual project meeting in Weissensee from May 14, 2023 to May 18, 2023.


In Regitnig Hotel and Chalet. Rooms will be booked directly by organization and paid on site. See Section Travel and Hotel Information for more details.


We expect people to arrive on site on Sunday, May 14, evening. The last talk is on Wednesday morning, (May 17). There will be time for discussions on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning.

Date Monday, May 15 Tuesay, May 16 Wednesday, May 17 Thursday, May 18
9:00 Combinatorial-reconfiguration -
overview and open problems

Oswin Aichholzer
Paths, trees and permutations: some enumerative aspects of Tamari lattices
Wenjie Fang
From combinatorics to non-commutative probability: a Hopf-route
Yannic Vargas
10:00 Traversing Combinatorial 0/1-Polytopes: Algorithms and Applications
Arturo Merino
On m-eralization of Tamari intervals
Clément Chenevière
Monotone cumulant-moment formula and Schröder trees
Adrian Celestino
10:30 Break
11:00 Discussions Discussions Discussions
12:00 Lunch Break
14:00 Generalized Tamari lattices living in flow polytopes
Matias von Bell
On polytopal Apollonian sphere packings and Descartes' theorem
Iván Rasskin
14:30 Realizing the s-Permutahedron via Flow Polytopes
Daniel Tamayo Jiménez
Lattice quotients of weak order intervals in subword complexes
Noémie Cartier
15:00 Break
15:30 Discussions Discussions

Travel and Hotel Information

We booked a room for all the participants at Regitnig Hotel and Chalet. The price per person is €143,00 Halbpension + 22,50 Businesslunch (all meals included, for single accomodation, with a discount for workshop participants), which should be paid in person at the Hotel.

The closest railway station is: Greifenburg-Weissensee Bahnhof

From there you can take the free shuttle service of the hotel, which needs to be booked at least 48 hours in advance using this link This service is free for the workshop participants (you pay 10 EUR in cash to the shuttle service but get it back from the hotel).

For any question regarding this service, the workshop participants can contact the hotel directly at +43 (4713) 2225 or info@regitnig.com.

Alternatively, you can take a taxi using the company "Taxi Weissensee", which is reachable at the number +43 660 97 62 000.